KG2GE(KG-ACARS - Google Earth converter) [Japanese|English]

See flight plots on the worlds’ most popular free 3D map!

Welcome to KG-to-GE (KG-ACARS to Google Earth) Site.

This site offers a conversion tool of KG-ACARS’s text log to kml format file of Google-Earth.
You must be a KG-ACARS user to enjoy this function. Please visit and set it up first.


Log file:

If you don’t have a log handy, try this sample =>


  • Install the Google-Earth if you don’t have it yet.
  • Run KG-ACARS, and open the text window. Press RAW or MES or PRC icon, then click LOG and REG icons. KG-ACARS starts taking necessary logs.
  • Observe that logs with names of registration numbers are kept in EachLogs folder under the log folder in KG-ACARS main folder.
  • Click [FILE] key above and select the log you would like to plot on the map. (i.e. G-ABCD.log) More position data in the log, longer the plot you can see.
  • Press SUBMIT key above. The Google Earth will start and shows the plot automatically.

  • Please note that depending on data the log contains, the plot may not be shown or shows inaccurate plots. Although we are analyzing logs of every flights we have ever taken to make this converter more accurate and functional, unfortunately you may not enjoy data-plotting of all flights on the map.

    When a data becomes too heavy, the converter may not work properly. The KG-ACARS continuously takes logs by flight number regardless of the date. Therefore it is recommended that you keep logs in a separate folder at the end of each session of KG-ACARS.

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